htmlipi - Building a Python native, no-parse HTML templating module using extended context-manager context and decorators

Sri Pravan Paturi (~sripravan)




I will discuss the following topics in my talk in the order mentioned below:

  1. How the "with" keyword works in detail
  2. How we can extend the context of an object in a "with" block
  3. How decorators work in detail
  4. How I combined these ideas to build a Python-native, no-parse HTML templating module

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I have provided references to the Github repository of this module called htmlip in the Content URLs section

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Speaker Info:

I am currently working as a SysDev engineer at Amazon. I have been an open source enthusiast but could not make up the time to work on my "commit"ment issues as I kiddingly talk about it. PyCon seemed like a really good restart on my jouney back to contributing to open source.

Section: Core Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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