How I restarted my career by contributing to Open Source?





This talk is about my experience of restarting my work after taking a career break. I had to take a break after my maternity leave due to increasing stress at work and my physical health was not in good shape. While I wanted a break I was also afraid that I won't be able to start working again. So I made a concrete plan on how I am going to spend my time during the career break and started focussing on the open source project in the little time I got.

From then I got opportunity to secure scholarship and internship in Outreachy programme and worked in Airflow project. That was the turning point and from then I gradually started making more open source contribution to Airflow. It took me about a year to gain momentum and I started checking for part-time opportunity as I have to be the primary care-giver for my kid too. And finally I landed in job that perfectly fits me and here I am pursuing my work that I was afraid that I wouldn't come back.

In this talk I will tell about making first contribution to open source, how to make positive impact on open source project and get more out of it, being your own driver and how working consistently in open source pays off.


This is a talk to inspire people how they can restart or change into tech career by making contribution to open source software. This gives explanation on guideline about how to choose projects for making the first contribution, career opportunities that opens up after making contribution etc. This will be useful for any person who wants to restart their career after a break.

Speaker Info:

Software Engineer Unravel Data, Former Outreachy Intern for Apache Airflow

Bowrna is a self-taught programmer who started building software after a non-CS degree. With the experience of about 10 years, She thinks she has learned only a drop in ocean and wants to explore more. She is an active open-source contributor to the Apache Airflow project and works on solutions to monitor pipelines in her day job

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