Dive deep into Video Surveillance to redefine women's safety in the Indian roads

Souvik (~souvikg544)




Video Surveillance has been a very popular sector in Computer Vision throughout the years. Giving an example of Delhi , the city has more number of cctv cameras than police personals. This means we don't lack resources but we lack the ability to monitor these. What if everytime a girl is being harassed, everytime there's a theft or a fight, the surveillance system surrounding you could infer the situation and act in response? With the modern advancements of Yolo Nas and Segment anything Model from Meta I take you to a journey! A journey to fine tune these models for the Indian roads and together make an attempt to redefine safety protocols in India through AI driven Intelligent Systems.


Interest in AI for Sustainable Development

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Souvik works for the cause of AI for Sustainable Development. His research area lies in Generative AI , Audio-Visual advancements and Video Surveillance. He has been a part of various new age startups as a Data Scientist. He is also the founder of AIXCHANGE, the country's first organization bridging the gap between social organizations and technology to leverage AI for social good. He also the CTO of Cogniti, a startup based in Gurgaon aims to bring AI advancements to bridge the learning curve in individuals with learning disabilities and autism. His work has been featured at NASSCOM, IndiaAI and Analytics India and various other technological magazines.

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Unfortunately I do not have recorded Links to any of my previous sessions. The sessions include - 1. NASSCOM Lab2Market 2. Anlytics India

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