Architecting Scalable Python micro-services with GraphQL: Valuable Lessons and Best Practices





In this engaging and informative talk, we will explore the art of architecting scalable Python microservices using GraphQL as the foundation. The speaker will demonstrate the step-by-step process of building a GraphQL-based Python microservice utilizing the powerful combination of Graphene, FastAPI, and MongoDB. Throughout the session, the audience will gain valuable insights into best practices and discover the challenges encountered during the development process at the speaker's company. Whether you are a GraphQL enthusiast, a Python developer, or simply interested in microservices architecture, this talk promises to equip you with practical knowledge and real-world experiences to create high-performance, scalable microservices with confidence.

This talk will cover:

  1. Introduction & Exploring the Technology Stack
  2. GraphQL Schema, Queries & Mutations
  3. Building the GraphQL Python Microservice & Schema Federation
  4. Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned
  5. Best Practices for Scalability (Schema Design, Caching & Concurrency)
  6. Monitoring and Debugging

The talk will provide a comprehensive journey through the process of architecting scalable Python microservices with GraphQL while showcasing real-world scenarios encountered. Attendees will leave with practical knowledge, best practices, and newfound confidence to build their own high-performance, scalable microservices in Python.

Speaker Info:

I'm a software developer who loves to experiment with tech, spend time learning new technologies and build products fueling my desire to innovate for a better future.

I currently work as a Product Engineer at Strollby Team in UST, developing and scaling Python based GraphQL micro-service. Apart from work, I'm engaged in a voluntary project with Kerala Police Cyberdome, pursue hobby projects and contribute in open-source community.

I had opportunities to work alongside great teams in start-up eco-system, participate in various hackathons, take workshops to exciting peers and even give tech talks at conferences like PyConf HYD and EuroPython Conference.

Section: Web & App development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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