X cool features of python interpretors

Anuvrat Parashar (~bhanuvrat)




This talk shall take a page from the clickbaity online journals and talk on the lines of "[X] cool things you could do with python interpretors". I've been using python everyday for over three years and it wasn't until a few days ago that I bumped into the -i switch of the python command line that forces it to drop down to the shell after executing the script.

The plan is to share a few embarrassingly simple tips and tricks that most use without much conscious thoughts.


if you have written and executed a hello world in python, thou shall not feel alienated.

Speaker Info:

Anuvrat is a rude arrogant egomaniacal jerk who frequently insults random strangers from the audience; attend this talk at your own risk.

Bah, just kidding. Friendly guy, likes to run, cycle and code. Survives by solving challenging technical problems as his mind rebels at stagnation.

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