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Yash Mehrotra (~yash2)




SQLAlchemy is the Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper that gives application developers the full power and flexibility of SQL.

It is the most widely used ORM for Python. If you write SQL queries and use more than one database then this will be the most important tool in your arsenal.


  • Same syntax for different databases.
  • Wide range of supported databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, MS-SQL, Firebird, Sybase etc.)
  • No more SQL consoles as you can setup your entire database through a single command.
  • Secure ( Say no to SQL Injections )


  • Intro to ORMs
  • What is SQLAlchemy
  • How does SQLAlchemy work?
  • Doing basic CRUD operations with SQLAlchemy.
  • Creating and migrating a database with SQLAlchemy.
  • QnA with the Audience.


  • Basic knowledge of Python.
  • Basic knowledge of Relational Databases.

Content URLs:

SQLAlchemy Homepage : http://www.sqlalchemy.org/

Code Snippet for the talk : Github

Slides : http://slides.com/yashmehrotra/sqlalchemy

Speaker Info:

Yash is currently an undergrad studying Computer Science in Noida. He has been using Python for more than 2 years and has built various projects using it.
He is currently working as a Software Engineering Intern at Grofers.
He is an open source enthusiast and has contributed in various projects including Mozilla Firefox and Bookie.
He is also an active member of the Open Source Developer's Club of his college which promotes different Open Source Technologies and has given various talks about Python and Web Development. He also has organised many workshops and hackathons.

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