Using devstack to contribute to OpenStack

Swapnil Kulkarni (~coolsvap)




OpenStack is the most popular Open Source cloud computing project currently and more than 95% of the OpenStack code is written in Python. DevStack is the primary source if considered for contribution to OpenStack code. The power of devstack lies within small trick that if people understand can hugely improve the contribution effectiveness, quality and required time. The session will be hands-on-lab for audience who know or write code in Python, want to contribute to OpenStack or already contributing to OpenStack with devstack tricks.


[1] Basic Knowledge of Python

[2] Basic Knowledge of git

[3] Basic Knowledge of Cloud Computing/Virtualization

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Works @RedHatSoftware, Contribute to @OpenStack, follow #BigData #Docker #Cloud #Virtualization write @ me @

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Section: Infrastructure
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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