Use DevOps to bootstrap your startup infra and sleep peacefully at night

Mayur Rokade (~mayuroks)




Startups in initial phases are fast. But once they start getting customers there comes a point when they need to scale up their infra. Thats when then realize the scaling the infra in its current state is damn difficult. Most of them wish only if somebody told them about how to build a robust and scalable infra. With lots of business priorities they cant manage to spend time researching on these things. Hiring experienced devops person is hard as the startup might very well be bootstrapped on funds. Issues like webserver process suddenly stopping and disk getting filled adds to more and more frustration. After ignoring or postponing these issues, usually they become pretty frequent. This might distract the devs and considerably slow down the product releases or worst, disappoint the customers and end up losing business built with so much hard work.

Through this talk I would like startup newbies what commons problems they might come across. Guide them to leverage Python and Linux(to some extent) to fix infra issues, make releases faster and peacefully sleep at night(hopefully).

Session will cover high level overview of common issues and strategies like

  • Pushing code via git on servers manually and restarting webservers vs fabric to for app level quick app deployments / rollbacks
  • Offloading the testing stuff like travis CI or Jenkins
  • Starting processes manually vs Using supervisord or systemd to take care of the process
  • Suffering from server problems vs using ansible to do config management

There wont be any deep diving into tools but this will be more of a infra strategy talk.


Basics of Python and Linux are the only things needed here. Rest of the concepts will be explained during the talk.

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I am a Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn. I like blogging, playing with open source technologies and solving real life problems. Productivity and peace of mind are the goals I wish to achieve in life.

My background:

  • Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn (current role)
  • Operations Engineer at Directi
  • B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Roorkee

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