Understanding git internals

chandan kumar (~chandan2)




Git is a version control system used by the most of the project while working on a distributed environment. We know everything about git and how to use it effectively with our projects. But we donot know what is happening internally when we use git.

libgit2 implements the core of Git and Pygit2 is a set of Python bindings to the libgit2 shared library.

The use of git starts either by creating a new repository, or by opening an existing one and performing further operations on them.

Let us use pygit2 to play with the repository and understand what is happening with in your repositority starting from clonning to pushing.

Take away:

  1. Understanding the behaviour of git
  2. Using pygit2 in project to do some awesome hack.


  • Knowledge of git
  • A basic understanding of python programming language.

Content URLs:

  • pygit2: http://www.pygit2.org/

Speaker Info:

Chandan Kumar is a Associate Software Engineer at Red Hat, Pune (India) and organizer of Python Pune. He works on UpStream OpenStack and Cloud Images as his day job.

Speaker Links:

  • Blog: http://chandankumar.dgplug.org/
  • github: https://github.com/chkumar246

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