The awesome data structures of Python

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Elegance in Python code often comes with proper use of the powerful data structures that it offers. We'll discuss about the powerful data structures of Python with examples and use cases - starting from builtins to the shiny new ones in Python 3.3.

At the end of the talk, you'll know what data structure to use, when and how.

Builtins (5 mins)

  • list, tuple, list comprehensions
  • dict, dict comprehensions
  • set, frozenset, set comprehensions
  • packing, unpacking of iterables

Data structures from the standard library (25 mins)

  • using dicts with default values
  • remembering the order of insertion of items in dicts
  • remembering last N items used
  • working effectively with iterators
  • finding largest / smallest N items in large collections
  • finding out common things and differences in two collections
  • de-duplicating
  • finding most frequent occurrences
  • treating many dicts as a single one without merging them

Performance comparisons (5 mins)

Questions (5 mins)


Working knowledge in Python is required.

Speaker Info:

Devi is a freelance programmer/consultant and a trainer. She has been using Python for many years in different fields like cryptography, natural language processing and web development etc. Currently she works as a lead developer/architect at PowerToFly.

She has done M.Tech in Computational Science from IISc, before which she tried out teaching mathematics.

She has given a workshop on Web Development - Code to deployment at PyCon India, 2012, which was well received.

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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