Say goodbye to "works on my machine" bugs

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It is difficult and time consuming task to find bugs which occurs because of different environments of your local machine and your team members or production machine. My talk will show you how to get rid of such issues and how easy it is to manage your EC2 instance using Vagrant. It will cover Internals of Vagrant. Demo contains in depth knowledge of Vagrant and its important features. The scenarios like modeling a multi-server production topology will be part of the advanced topics that will be covered if time persists.


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Recently I gave 20-25 min talk in pune ruby meetup on the same topic. Slides are here.

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Sagar Junnarkar is a software engineer who has 3 years of experience in web development. Also he is a Ruby on Rails enthusiast for a while now, He is a GNU/Linux user, ruby lover, and likes Devops. He occasionally contributes to open source as well. He has created different rails applications with mysql and postgresql. Swimming, trekking and dancing are only a part of his list of hobbies.

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Sagar (~sagarjunnarkar)

Looking at the slides you shared, to me it is a hello word for Vagrant. Can you list more detailed points of how you plan to make it suitable for PyCon India audience.

konark modi (~konark)

Vagrant is for every web developer or designer. So I think this talk is for everyone in the conference. My PRUG meetup talk was just a getting started with vagrant. But here I am planning to use Django project for demo and will play with it using vagrant. I am planning to show how we can deploy app on cloud using vagrant. Nowadays we have complex server architectures. I will show how we can have different django web and database server And how they communicate with each other.

Sagar (~sagarjunnarkar)

@sagar : Request you to edit the abstract, and add a detailed list of things and how you plan to present them. Bullet points at this time should be good.

konark modi (~konark)

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