Ruling Network Layers via Python

Ishan Upadhyaya (~ishan)




As Initial Description, This talk will explain about Network Layers and power of Python. From a beginner to a Security Expert, this talk will help every one to understand the Network protocols and Python Network Programming Fundamentals. Talk will clear how to program our own packet and Inject it on any Layer with any arbitrary payload. Also programming the wireless packets and making your own wireless radars and moving our self beyond the boundary via Programming IDS for Wireless Attacks. This talk will help pentesters and hard core hackers to pentest the Network weather it is Wired or Wireless.

Detail Description of this talk

Step- 1• Understand Network Layers and Associated Protocols

At this stage, will coverup the quick fundamentals about the Network layers and most common and conceptual protocols and service protocols working on the specific layer.

Step- 2• Program you Packet

Then After we will look over the easiest way to program a quick customised packet via python.

Step- 3• Inject your code on any Layer

After that moving out from the limitations and looking forward to the injection of that packet onto the layer 2 and layer-3 which is way powerful.

Step- 4• Injecting RAW Payloads on Network Layers

After that the best part is to inject any arbitrary data as payload with that packet onto any layer. Also hear will explain all the security fundamentals regarding network security.

Step- 5• Programming Wireless packets

Then a Quick exercise regarding programming 802.11 packets as well.

Step- 6• Making Wireless Radar

Programming your own wireless sniffers to look over the air and find the available Access-points.

Step- 7• Programming IDS for Wireless Attacks

And finally as a closing exercise, Programming our own Wireless Intrusion detection Systems to figure out weather any De-authentication is getting announced over the air.

Idea Behind this Talk

This talk will basically clear the idea that the programmers are limitless and through the code only, it can be done. for those who have the idea of python network programming, this talk is best but for those who are at the beginning stage, this talk will be the whole road map in python network and security programming.

Tools most commonly use-



Basic linux uses

Basics understanding of OSI Layers ,TCP/IP Stack and Network like IP Addressing etc.

Basics C and Python programming fundamentals

Basics understanding if wireless protocols (i.e: Beacon Announcements etc.)

Software Requirements

Backtrack/Kali Linux is totally enough for this exercise


Laptop with Supported Wireless over BT/Kali

Alfa card or any supportable usb wi-fi card (*If running the linux in Virtual Machine)

Speaker Info:

I works as Founder/M.D. of Security Research Advancements Solution Ltd. (India/UK). SRA basically provides Info Security Solutions, Trainings and Research facilities. Over a decade of experience in the world of Cyber security and worked with law enforcements, Military, Governments and multinational organisations. With strong interest and profile as Security Researcher and Analyst, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Secure Coder and Reviewer, Trainings, Business Continuity etc.

Section: Security
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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