Realizing Hybrid Cloud using Python

Venu Murthy (~venumurthy)




After having contributed to the success of the "Linux of the Cloud -- OpenStack", python helped me innovate a driver that enables private clouds to burst into public clouds automatically when the utilisation of the private cloud resources reaches a specified threshold. This talk will provide the delegate with how the power of python can be leveraged in the cloud making your infrastructure smart, immutable and having all the advantages of "infrastructure as code".


Knowing the fundamentals of Cloud computing, like what is a hypervisor and compute is desirable.

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"Venu Murthy was given the opportunity of spearheading ThoughtWorks into the cloud. He single handily migrated a large user base from legacy systems to the cloud several years ago and automated all the processes using the most happening programming language– Python. Due to the flawless and precise automation nothing else was left for him to do manually and hence he moved on to exploring the world of Public and Private Clouds!"

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Section: Infrastructure
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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