RAMCloud: Next generation storage system

Bithin Alangot (~bithinalangot)




RAMCloud is a project which began at Stanford University, it is a general purpose storage system where each and every byte of data always reside in DRAM(main memory) and disk take the role of archival or backup. It is developed completely using commodity hardware and can provide an access latency of 5­-10μs. The RAMCloud technology will be very useful to data centric applications like current web application where performance is very crucial. I would like to give an overview of RAMCloud, its advantage over other memory based storage system like Redis, Memcache etc and about the Python binding using which we can work with it.

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I am a PhD student at Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus, Kollam, Kerala. My area of research is in­-memory storage systems. I have set up RAMCloud cluster in my lab and carried out few experiments over it. I am also part of FOSS club (foss.amrita.ac.in) at Amrita and mentor students to contribute to open source projects. I have been part of Google Summer of Code 2012 where I contributed to e­-cidadania an e-­democratic web application which is written in Python­Django.

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