Python with NoSQL buddies: ArangoDB and Cassandra





Most of us gets stuck when we get understanding of the NoSQL Databases means only firing queries and creating basic level steps. This session tries to give intermediate developer feel so that you can use NoSQL databases in Full Fledge manner.
=> In this session, I am skipping mongodb due to two reasons:
1. To avoid repetition as it is going to be covered by workshop fellow speakers.
2. It is well known.

This workshop i.e. Hands-on session consists of following stuff:
1. Quick overview of basic Queries for Cassandra & ArangoDB
2. Setup for Python Connectivity
3. Sample Programs of Python with NoSQL
4. Effectively leverage power of NoSQL with Python

More contents are on the way, so the slides are under construction.

Why to Attend

For Python lovers,

To get a working knowledge of the world's leading NoSQL databases in combo with Python.

For NoSQL Databases lovers,

Take a ride of Python and NoSQL databases to kick start your development need.

Outcome (After Workshop):
After this session, attendees by themselves will get understanding of Python programs for NoSQL databases so that they can develop them at their own. Next, this session also aims at development of NoSQL +Python ideas; either for serious development or funway learning which targets to give attendees practical exposure than theory sessions.


Targeted Audience:

Developer/Students try to get their hands dirty on Python & NoSQL Databases.


  • Basics of Python should be clear
  • Fair Knowledge about NoSQL Databases (If not still it is OK)

Content URLs:

Speaker Info:

Looking out for R&D positions or Software Engineering Positions to keep myself active.
Currently working as Assistant Professor in MITAOE. Also an Github activist.
In order to keep my skills sharp I am currently trying to contribute to following open source projects:

  • Linux Kernel.
  • Apache Cassandra.

Speaker Links:

  1. My repo at Github
  2. Speaker at FUDCon 2015:
    a. Linux Kernel Compilation
    b. Git Hands on and Working
  3. Speaker at GNUNify 2015: Firefox Addons
  4. Eucalyptus Cloud Issue
  5. Mozilla Firefox Contribution

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