Python Traceback For Humans!

Anand Reddy Pandikunta (~anand_reddy)




When we have to debug our code, we think about print statement(or logging) or using debuggers like pdb.

But we rarely think about using traceback as a debugging tool.

In this talk we will dig the traceback gold mine and use it for quick & effective debugging.


~05 min - What is traceback?

~05 min - Replacing default traceback with colored traceback.

~05 min - Things You can do with custom traceback.

~15 min - Traceback: The forgotten debugging tool.

~05 min - Using Conditionals/Exceptions For Better Traceback.

~05 min - Q & A.


  • Able to write FizzBuzz test, dict comprehension without googling.

  • Can play with *args/**kwargs, locals/globals, builtins/dunder methods.

  • Must have read Python docs for atleast couple of functions/modules.

  • Must have checked source code for atleast one Python package.

Good to have:

  • Interested to write own packages(or already written).

  • Interested about Python internals.

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Projects: ptb, real-auto-save, fadapa.

Helped in developing PythonIndia/Junction.

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