Python in the World of Test Automation

Krishnan Shankar (~krishnan)




Python is used in many fields of Software Development Cycle. In that one of the vast use of Python comes in the testing phase. In this talk I am going to show you variety of places where Python is applied for Testing. It gives an overview of, - GUI Automation With Python-Selenium Webdriver - Image based Automation using Sikuli-Python - Desktop Application Automation using pywinauto - Product Testing and Automation using core Python

The talk gives introductions on each of areas above and has a demo on each. It is to give an eyeopener on Python's usage on various testing areas.


Anybody with knowledge of Python, Testing and Test Automation can come in

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I am a MS Graduate from BITS Pilani Working in Wipro Techologies for the past 5 years and 6 months as Test Engineer. In the entire stint at Wipro so far I have been using Python as Core tool for Test Automation. I have been using Python for - Product Test Automation: I have Automated many embedded products such as load balancers, routers etc by designing new frameworks and implementing them. - GUI Automation: Using Selenium-python webdriver I have developed many custom frameworks and successfully automated product's web ui. - Automation of Desktop Applications covering Install, upgrade, removal etc and Linux OS Automation - Apart from Test Automation I am a python enthusiast, Full Stack Web developer, Pygame user

I had taken a talk on the same topic in Chennaipy meetup on October Month

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