Python for flying machines

Anuj Deshpande (~anuj)




The objective of the talk is to introduce people to world of companion computers for UAVs. These companion computers rely heavily on python for non-critical functions, leaving the autopilot board to do the critical flying. The companion computers and what's on them define the kind of application the UAV will be performing (aerial photography, 3D scanning, surveying, package delivery, swarming).
Python is at the heart of these applications, and this talk will show how.

Outline :

  • Introduction to flying machines/RC hobby planes/"drones"

  • The Hardware

  • The electronics that runs them
  • Companion computers : Use Linux Luke !

  • The Software

  • Using SITL to test on the ground
  • DroneKit : a great start !
  • Python helps you do : (demos)
  • Set the flight destination
  • Live telemetry
  • Replay missions
  • Change flight parameters on the go
  • What's next ?


Familiarity with *nix

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Speaker Info:

Anuj loves to work on software for hardware. A BeagleBoard fan, he loves his OSHW. His most recent project was Tah, which is one of the few crowdfunded electronics projects from India. These days he's working on Blee.

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Section: Embedded Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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