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I would like to propose my session on Flask framework with following objectives

Target Audience:

  1. Any developers with sound knowledge of PYTHON language or any other web development language.
  2. Python developers who would like to explore and learn Flask framework.
  3. Though prior web development experience will have an added advantage but should not be considered as mandatory.

Objectives [HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Envirenment setup required for Flask.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Introduction to Flask framework.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Comparision of Flask with other Python Frameworks.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Flask Extensions to be used - Admin, Assets, Cache, DebugToolbar, HTMLBuilder, LessCSS, Login, OAuth, OpenID, SQLAlchemy, Themes.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]External libraries to be used - Bootstrap, CKeditor.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Building an application based on Flask. [HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Business Use Case.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Modularised development.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Usage of Jinja2 and Bootstrap for presentation layer.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Admin control panel development for configurations and CRUD operations.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Connections with PostgreSQL OR MySQL[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Understanding ORM in detail with practical examples.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Where Flask will be headed in next one year.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]Best practices for improving the performance of Flask applications.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]All the participants will be given an access to GIT repository of this code.[HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED] Mode of workshop

  1. 30 % of workshop will covered through PPT presentation
  2. 70% of practical coding
  3. Tons of questions from participants

Outcome of the session Participants should be able to get confident about the Flask's inherent capabilities and gain at least intermediate level of expertise to develop applications in Flask framework.


  1. Laptops with Python setup.
  2. Internet access - would be an added advantage not mandatory though.
  3. Detailed setup related steps will be notified much before the workshop date.

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Project Overview -

Please note - this is just a first draft of the project that I will be conducting as a part of workshop. Most of the part of my workshop will be covered by practical project work and will be using PPT only for Flask introduction purpose. Looking forward to present this workshop @ PyCon 2015. :)

I will be updating the Project Overview Document regularly to give latest updates.

Speaker Info:

Pralhad hails from Pune. He has more than 10 years of experience in LAMP. Though PHP and PERL have been his core expertise - he found Python very interesting and developer friendly language. He has not worked exensively in Python but he has been learning it since last couple of years. He knows Django framework quite well and has gained expertise in FLASK framework currently.

He likes to share his knowledge through conducting productive tranings and workshops. Previously he has conducted many traning programs for PHP and Drupal.

Apart from his work Pralhad likes music and travelling new places.

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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