Python code profiling using line_profiler

Jackson Isaac (~jackson)




The audience will learn about line_profiler, it's use in Software Development and how it helps in making the software efficient by calculating the Time used by the modules and each instructions under them.

The talk will show how we can use line_profilers with Python by testing it live on a demo application written using pygtk and how to analyze the results and optimize the code.

Talk Outline:

  • Introduction to Python profilers.
  • History of line_profiler
  • How to install line_profiler, using pip and from source (for Mac users).
  • Adding decorator to the code for profiling.
  • Steps to run profiler and how to check the profiled output.
  • Demo.
  • Understanding the Output.
  • Advantages of Profilers
  • Q & A

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Speaker Info:

Jackson Isaac is a Final year student pursuing B.Tech Computer Science Engineering from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kollam. He is currently a GSoC 2015 Student developer with The MacPorts Project. He has contributed to open source projects namely GNOME-Music, Mozilla Firefox, Mozillians and Mediawiki-Vagrant. He has been using python technologies like Clone-Digger and line_profiler in GNOME-Music and other small personal projects since 2 years. He has also presented a talk on the 'Python3 Code profiling using Line_profiler' at FUDCon 2015, Pune and 'Contributing to GNOME-Music' at FOSSMeet '14, NIT Calicut.

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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