Python and Riak DB, a perfect couple for huge scale distributed computing

Naren (~narenaryan)




A hands-on guide for working with both Python and Riak DB using Python Riak client . From setup to running samples in few minutes. Our exploration starts with "why Amazon Dynamo DB model is good for storing things in cloud?". Riak DB is an exact open source implementation of Amazon Dynamo DB. After this session audience will be able to integrate Riak DB in their Python projects successfully and knows how to to deliver maximum data availability by distributing data across multiple servers .


Python 2.7 , Basic Database knowledge , Clients and Server knowledge

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Here is presentation for my PyCon India 2015 talk.

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I am Naren Arya , a DevOps engineer from Knowlarity communications , Banglore . I am a blogger,technologist and a Django ninja in other forms.

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