PyMONGO with Bottle Framework for Passw*rd Change Made Easy!!

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Password Change Made Easy

This is web Application developed using Python,MongoDB, and Bottle As a framework.

This is to let the user to change their forgot password authenticated by their Windows Login name.

This appliacation will not ask users Username or Previous Password, instead if the user logged in to Windows with the same name as the DB username it will picks up

you can deploy this application in one server and add multiple servers to this IP and Port should be passed, IP and port validation is done in Python programming,
Users new password complexity check is done and if the username is not found in the destination DB Python throwing an exception.


python 2.7
bottle 0.13
MongoDB 2.6

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Basic of python (sort, list, dictionaries, variable, libraries) bottle framework ( debug, run, get,post,forms,route) pymongo ( Connection, crud) MongoDB ( not required but added advantage if know)

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Darshan J

I am DBA in Altisource ( bangalore) with work experinece 2.5 years, i am graduated in 2012 Jun from Mangalore institute of Technplogy and Engineering with computer science Major, Currently i am working in project which reduces the DBA junk work of Password reset so Password Change Made Easy born. I am proficient in Bash scripting, Python scripting. This is my first Python programming project.

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Seems to be good implementation of python + mongo + web interface. Complete end to end usage of mongo database and python coding.

Rajesh Nair (~rajesh)

good work effort - "changing passcode easy" :) :) :)

vijaya kiran Muthyala (~vijaya_kiran)

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