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This talk shares the experiments and experiences of using Pronterface and Skeinforge with the Prusia i3 3D printer. Printrun is a free and open source software written in Python for facilitating 3D printing, and is released under GPLv3 license. Skeinforge consists of a set of Python scripts for generating G-Code from 3D models. The Prusia i3 is a RepRap 3D printer design that is also released under the GPLv3 license. The Arduino ATmega2560 controller is used with the printer for configuration, control, and directly interfaces with a computer via USB. A short outline of the talk is given below:

  • Setup
    • Prusio i3 and Arduino ATmega2560
    • Calibration
  • Python modules
    • pronterface
    • pronsole
    • printcore
  • Experiments
    • Temperature control
    • MTConnect adapter
    • Data visualization
    • CAD/CAM integration with Host

The temperature control tests are performed to determine the optimal temperature for the thread used in printing. The MTConnect adapter reads sensor data from the printer for further analysis from the perspective of the Internet of Manufacturing Things (IoMT). The CAD/CAD integration with the host provides an "Art to Part" workflow from modelling to printing. A picture of the Prusia i3 setup is attached.

Prusia i3


An interest in 3D printing!

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Predictive quality control for additive manufacturing


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