Power of Ansible in Cloud

Bharath Kumar (~bharath)




Ansible is an IT automation tool that can be used to configure, deploy and orchestrate many different Infrastructure based tasks. For example, use Ansible for: system configuration, software deployment, application or infrastructure orchestration, and yes, to eventually replace most infrastructure folks…just kidding…maybe? With my many years of supporting Production based applications, with tools like Ansible on the rise, the writing would have certainly been on the wall. Major word of advice for Infrastructure engineers…LEARN one of the many orchestration tools and begin to love the term DevOps.

Ansible also provides efficient modules to manage Cloud Infrastructure, like Amazon, Azure, Cloudstack, Digital Ocean, Docker, Google, Linode, Lxc, OpenStack, Rackspace, VMWare, etc...

This talk aims to primarily touch upon the following topics:

  • Ansible & Cloud Computing Overview
  • Cloud Computing Overview
  • Cloud Deployment with Ansible
  • Manage Cloud with Ansible
  • Ansible Cloud Modules

Also illustrate examples of real time scenarios that use Ansible.


  • Basic understanding of Cloud Computing

Speaker Info:

Bharat Kumar Kobagana works as Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is primarily associated with and contributes to the following open source projects:

OpenStack: A cloud Operating System, which manages cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds.

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