Operating System deployment monitoring using sockets





Operating System deployment in a datacenter is a common job. When it comes to deployments on 'N' number of servers, administrators/users always use a kickstart/automated installation. The objective of this proposal is to show how effectively the monitoring of OS deployments on multiple servers can be done using python and network socket programming.


  • A very basic knowledge on how OS deployments are done on a customer datacenter and automated mode of OS install.
  • Basic understanding of python network programming

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  • Krishnaprasad K has 8+ years of IT industry experience in Operating Systems and virtualization domain. He has few US patents (filed) and few published articles in Dell Tech Center, Linux Gazette and Linux For You Magazine (OSFY). One of the POC that he submitted was presented in VMWorld 2014. He has extensive experience in presenting in various technical forums site wide trainings. He also conducted trainings at NITK Suratkal related to virtualization in 2013. His interests include Operating Systems, Automation, virtualization, cloud computing and application development.

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http://linuxgazette.net/176/krishnaprasad.html http://en.community.dell.com/members/krishnaprasad-k http://www.pressreader.com/india/opensource-for-you/textview

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