Monitoring your system using Nagios and Python plugins

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    Monitoring a critical system is very important as it helps you detect problems in the system before hand and you can take corrective measures to resolve the issues. It also gives a very good idea of resources available/used in your system, which helps to scale-out your system well in advance before the resource crunch happens.  Nagios is a monitoring software that can be used to achieve this.
    It has a very simple plugin design that allows users to easily develop their own service checks depending on needs. One can monitor a system parameter of his choice by developing a nagios plugin. Python is one of the languages that can be used to develop nagios plugins. 
   This talk aims at providing a brief introduction to nagios, learning to develop a nagios monitoring plugin in python and finally a small demo of how we have used nagios + python plugins to monitor glusterfs, a distributed file system.


  • Basic knowledge of programming in python.
  • Idea about nagios monitoring software.

Content URLs:

-Presentation link

-Project gluster-nagios-addons which has python plugins for monitoring glusterfs using nagios. A small demo of monitoring glusterfs using plugins in above project will be given as part of this talk.

Speaker Info:

Associate software engineer at Redhat storage, Bangalore. Mainly working for projects like Ovirt and Glusterfs

Section: Infrastructure
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Please share more details on what kind of plugins are you going to present, if possible link to the repos. where the code is hosted. Also, please provide an agenda of how you plan to structure your talk.

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This time we can say very popular formula to keep monitoring on the system recovery tool windows 10 and it make the way very simple for the everyone who know the very well use of python plugins.


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