MongoDB as database backend for Django.





In the workshop we will go through the following and create a simple app using mongodb and django.

  • Introduction to MongoDB and why we should give it a try.

  • Introduction to Django-nonrel. Forked version of django to make it work with MongoDB.

  • Introduction to Django MongoDB Engine.

  • Hand on, create a simple application using mongdb and django.

First 3 topics will be covered in 30 minutes and rest of the time will used in hands on/ Q&A.


A laptop with mongodb installed. Other packages/dependencies will be distributed in the workshop. It will be good if participants knows basics of django and mongodb.

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I am Shanki working as software engineer with Oracle working on private cloud management. Prior to Oracle I worked with Mindfire Solutions as Python/Django developer where I was responsible for development of varieties of applications and mentored small groups.

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