Laying out your Django projects - Promises and Pitfalls

Arun Ravindran (~arocks)




We don't give much thought to the initial layout that Django creates for us. But many of us stick with it. This talk explores why Django's startproject layout is created the way it is today. What are the important decisions it makes for you? Why these decisions might or might not suit your style of development or application.

This talk will be a guided tour sprinkled with acquired wisdom from several real-life Django web applications, both good and bad. It also covers the speaker's experiences of creating Django Edge, an open source Django project template.


Must have basic understanding of Django. Preferably completed the official polls tutorial.

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Arun "Rocks" Ravindran is an author and speaker. His talks at Pycon are just an excuse to meet cool people. His recently published book titled "Django Design Patterns and Best Practices" tries to solve everyday problems that Django Developers face with cutting edge technology and a healthy dose of humor. He is a developer member of the Django Software Foundation.

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