Introduction to nipype and how do we create flexible NeuroImaging pipelines using it.

Sourav Singh (~sourav)




The objective of the talk is to introduce people to nipype, which is a Python project providing a uniform interface to existing neuroimaging softwares.

The project enables you to design workflows which make use of algorithms from different packages, and reduces the learning necessary to use the packages.We will also be exploring on the code required to create suitable workflows and how the different software tools interact with each other. Here are the main points we are going to focus during the talk-

  • What is nipype?
  • Architecture for nipype and its explaination -Installation of nipype
  • What are pipelines?
  • How to build a pipeline step by step
  • Further Discussions about nipype
  • Code Samples for nipype
  • Cross-Domain Work with nipype

This talk aims to introduce people to NeuroInformatics and how it can be crossed into other domains like Data Analytics and such.


Knowledge prerequisites:

  1. SciPy and NumPy
  2. Knowledge of IPython and matplotlib are strongly recommended.

Steps for Installation-See

Content URLs:

Overview on Nipype for beginners-

The slides for the presentation are ready.I will keep making changes to them.You can access them here

Speaker Info:

I am a computer engineering undergraduate student from Pune; self-taught student in Neuroinformatics and BioInformatics through MOOCs, books and other online resources.This will be my first time as a speaker in Python Conference and hoping for some really nice feedback.I work as a contributor to International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility part-time, passionate about working in Machine Learning and Big Data.

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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