Integration of Python Web Applications with frontend build system (gulp)

Brijesh Bittu (~brijeshb42)




There are a lot of tutorials on getting started with web development in python using Flask. But hardly any of them take care of the static assets.

This workshop will focus on web development with Flask and integrating this with a frontend build system and task runner gulp .

  • We will start with basic Flask web app showing the classic Hello World example.
  • We will add a few pages (login, user account, etc) .
  • Then we will start adding static assets for the basic styling (using less) and scripting(javascript) of the Web app.
  • Then, step-by-step, we will add tasks to:
    • compile less files to css
    • minify assets
    • restart and reload assets when any python file chages
    • Running the build tasks from python before starting the web server
    • Make the complete web app production ready.


The audience is expected to know about:

  • Basic python
  • A basic idea about web development.

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Section: Web Development
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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