How to build Robots using ROS, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi and Python

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Building Intelligent Robots using latest hardware and Software platform such as Raspberry Pi 2 ,Robot Operating System(ROS), Open-Computer Vision(OpenCV) and Programming it using Python. The workshop mainly aims to demonstrate how we can design a robotic hardware from scratch and programming it using ROS, OpenCV and Python. The workshop also explain what is Robot Operating System, OpenCV and discuss how to program it using Python interface of ROS called ROSPy. ROS is mainly used in advanced robotic research in many universities but the usage and contribution of ROS from India is very less. This workshop mainly aims to give more exposure to Robot Operating System and generate more developers in this area. Main topics of the talk is follows

  • Basics of Robotics
  • The basic hardware used in Robotics
  • Application of Python in Robotics
  • Understanding Robot Operating System
  • How to Program ROS using Python
  • Understanding OpenSource Computer Vision
  • How to interface OpenCV to ROS and program using Python
  • How to Install ROS and OpenCV on Raspberry Pi
  • How to integrate all these stuffs


Technical /Software Knowledge

  • Bash Commands
  • Python

Software/OS Requirement

  • Ubuntu 14.04.2 installed Laptop

Hardware Requirement

  • Raspberry Pi 2

  • Adapter 5V, 2A or battery pack with micro usb cable

  • LAN Cable

  • 8/16 GB micro SD Card

  • Power extension code ( optional)


Building Robots using ROS, Open-CV, Raspberry Pi and Python

Speaker Info:

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Lentin Joseph is the CEO/Founder of Qbotics Labs , a company focussing and doing research in Robotics, Image Processing and Embedded System. Lentin Joseph was a speaker in PyCon2013. He authored a book called Learning Robotics using Python recently published by PACKT. He is basically an Electronics Engineer and having work experience about 3 years in Robotics Technologies. In 2014, he started his own company called Qbotics Labs. In PyCon 2013, he took a session on Application of python in Robotics and got good response from audience. He presented several sessions in other Python meetups,also took several workshops in these area. As a robotics enthusatist, he wrote lot of tutorials online, contributed to some IEEE papers and now mainly focussing into bootstrapping his new company. The current focus of the company is into autonomous robotics navigation using ROS. He reached in an international robotic challenge recently conducted as part of ICRA 2015, biggest robotics challenge in the world.

Section: Embedded Python
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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