How to build microservices using ZeroMQ and WSGI

Srinath G S (~srinath)




In this talk I will introduce zwsgi, a ZeroMQ to WSGI bridge that gives your existing WSGI applications the power of the rich ZeroMQ messaging library.

I will cover how zwsgi can be used as a building block to design application architectures based on micro services. I will elaborate using a simple use case, that defines a reliable service-oriented request-reply dialog between a set of client applications, a broker and a set of worker applications.



Familiarity with ZeroMQ and WSGI application frameworks.

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I head the engineering team at Idea Device where we are building an orchestration platform for data center activities and application lifecycle management.

I previously worked with Cisco, where I implemented network protocols for various routers. I started my career as a researcher at TCS innovation labs where I worked on projects related to communication systems.

I completed my post graduation in telecommunications from IIT Kharagpur where I worked on error correction codes.

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Section: Network Programming
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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