How startups can leverage python?

Kaushal Singh (~kaushal)





  • With the boom in startup culture, there have been in an ever-increasing demand in placing tech infra in place as soon as possible. As if problem was not challenging enough, we are also overburdened with a lot of constraints on the infrastructure such as it should be
  • Robust and elegant.
  • Scalable
  • Easy to deploy and maintain.
  • Able to handle security related issues
  • And most importantly it should be able to support in product delivery within a very limited time with a small team (sigh!!!).

In this talk we would be tackling all these issues through:

  • Django quick development cycle.
  • Deployment on amazon EC2.
  • Countless of easily pluggable modules.
  • Providing API for mobile apps with authentication.


  • Handling all the asynchronous processing, using celery with multiple workers.
  • Monitoring everything tasks, queries, performance
  • How Zostel has implemented its infra levering all the above mentioned techniques?

Speaker Info:

Kaushal Singh graduated from IIT BHU. He is one of the first technical staff at Zostel and ZoRooms who helped them to scale and cater to a large audience. He also helped them to set up the tech infrastructure with a very limited time with some really elegant techniques.

Section: Infrastructure
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
Last Updated:

A problem I've not seen addressed (to my personal satisfaction) is about provisioning. i.e. how do you ensure that the development team is working in an identical environment as the production server? Initial setup is well and good, but how to maintain it? As in; when more and more features are added, some developer boxes get out-of-sync with production - and you don't exactly realize this until something horrible happens. Will something like this be covered in the talk?


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