Ensuring data consistency across global data centers with low latency.

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The talk is based on an ongoing project at Knowlarity Communications, a cloud telephony startup in which they are moving the data resources from individual datacenters to cloud and building a REST interface to manage them.

This talk will cover various aspects of the project such as:

Benefits: Data consistency, Standardized API, Role based access controls, etc

Challenges: Latency, Concurrency, Internationalization, etc

Concepts: What makes REST awesome?

This project is built using Python and the REST framework.


Beginner level knowledge about web services.

Speaker Info:

Plaban has been working in the area of web services development with various startups. Currently he is working as a Senior Engineer with Knowlarity Communications. He keeps an interest in web services development and core computer science topics.

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Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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