Django Projects the Right way!

Saurabh Kumar (~theskumar)




You want to start a Django Project. Confused? Overwhelmed? This workshop will answer your "WHAT IF..?" queries.

The workshop will be to showcase how setup a firm base for your Django project, using the best practices learnt over time. Standing on the shoulders of gaints, I will try to teach you how to setup your flow from ground up with batteries included.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Quick-start your project with Django boilerplate (cookiecutter).
  • Using 12 Factor based application configuration.
  • Understanding various things that should be kept in mind while scaling a project.
  • Documentation: Be Obsessed
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of Test Driven Development, and debugging the code.
  • Setting up CI server for isolated testing and deployments.
  • Best practices around - django apps, models, views, templates, security & deployments.

I will be using [pydanny/django-cookiecutter] as the base layout and explain different components that are part of it. Moving ahead to with Test Driven Development of sample apps and configure Travis CI to run and deploy the project to different set of environments, suitable for development and QA. I'll also touch based little bit about your optimum shell/editor[1] setup for maximising your productivity around python/Django project.

Why a workshop, and not a talk?
Because I want it to be as much interactive as possible. I want it to be unstructured and solve as many queries as possible that most of the developers have.

[1]: For the sake of simplicity and popularity, sublime text will be used.


  • Should know basics of Django.
  • A machine with python/pip/postgres installed.

Content URLs:

  • Find the code for base Django boilerplate code here.
  • Two Scoops of Django 1.8, the book here.

Speaker Info:

Speaker Links:

Section: Web Development
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Link of pydanny-cookiecutter under proposal description throws 404 error and also same error to the link of cookiecutter under Speaker-Info

Sheesh Mohsin (~sheesh)

All the urls should be working fine now. Thanks a lot, Sheesh!

Saurabh Kumar (~theskumar)

As one of the co-authors of Two Scoops of Django, I can say that Saurabh's contributions to the book were useful and voluminous. His work on cookiecutter-django is nothing short of brilliant. He has my full confidence. I recommend this talk very highly.

Daniel Greenfeld (~pydanny)

how much of Django would we need to know for the workshop to benefit us? Say I don't know any Django now but I'm willing to learn a bit before the workshop, would I be able to grasp it? Also, would you be teaching some part of how to make good web apps with Django?

Kahlil Abreu (~kahlil)

@kahlil - It would be advantageous if have already tried out one or two projects in Django. Even if you do have done the Django official polls tutorial, you'll be able to pickup a lot of things.

Saurabh Kumar (~theskumar)

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