Distributed Programming with Celery

Eswar Vandanapu (~gotpredictions)




In this workshop we will go over basics of how celery works and how to create tasks and run them asynchronusly. We will then talk about how these tasks can be monitored and managed using the options provided by celery. At the end we will have a brief talk on how to scale this infrastructure and how this is done in Aviso Inc.

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Most of my workshops conducted are code along style workshops and I don't really use any presentation material. I will try to put few code snippets for following along in github, if this session is accepted.

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I work as a Chief Technology Architect for Aviso Inc, and responsible for managing the Infrastructure used for Aviso. In addition, I am also responsible for Managing their Indian operations. In my spare time I volunteer to provide workshops through our family charitable trust. http://www.vebsnet2.com

Section: Concurrency
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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