Developing Social Robot using Raspberry Pi and Python

Samarth (~SamarthShah)




This talk is about how one can develop social Robot for the home using open source hardware development platform "Raspberry Pi". At "Pune Makers" , we call this robot 'BigBot'. Some of the things it can do :

  • Based on your speech command , it can do certain tasks like taking a photograph , taking a note , setting up meeting . More like personal assistant
  • Intelligently face tracking and take photos according to presence of human
  • Update about your next meeting/email
  • Placing an order just using speech commands
  • Controlling home devices using speech commands
  • Many more features like getting latest tweets/messages and reading out loud , showing latest Instagram photos , facebook status updates.

First part of the talk will cover how one can develop above mentioned features using Raspberry Pi ,Python and few other libraries. Second part will have information on connecting different sensors to the Raspberry Pi and how one can make "BigBot" smarter and intelligent. In the end , we will share "Pune Makers" future plan of "BigBot". We will also try to live demo the Robot at the conference.

Approximate TOC :

  • Brief intro to Raspberry Pi
  • Some of the things that can be done using Python on Raspbeery Pi
  • Intro to "Bigbot"
  • How to "Use Speech Recognition and Text to speech using python library" + Demo
  • How to " Face tracking and recognition using OpenCV on Raspberry Pi" + Demo
  • How to "Get latest tweet/news from social network using tweepy/any other library" + Demo
  • How to "Control home appliances" + Demo(If possible)
  • Controlling GPIO pins and motors of the Robot
  • Live demo of "BigBot"

NOTE : JIBO inspired us to create "BigBot". If you don't know what JIBO is , checkout content urls section.


  • Basic of programming
  • Basics of Python
  • It would be good if you have understanding of "Basics of Electronics". Even if you don't , I will try to cover the important electronics concepts as and when required.

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Samarth is an engineer by profession and maker by heart. He leads maker activities at "Pune Makers". He loves to explore cutting edge hardware as well as software technologies. He has given talks at various national and international conferences. He got featured on Network 18 Technology website ( for his research work on Microsoft Kinect. He also writes technical article for Electronics For You and Open Source For You (Earlier "Linux For You"). He has authored a book on Raspberry Pi titled "Learning Raspberry Pi".

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