Deploy Your Python Apps in Minutes on OpenShift





OpenShift is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) project which focuses on ease of use and fast deployment of apps. Deploying apps based on Python and Python-based frameworks like Django are a snap with OpenShift. The basic tier on OpenShift is free to use, and allows three apps per user. This makes it an ideal choice for people to try it out and experiment with apps without worrying about the finer details of deployment.

This talk will introduce OpenShift, and show how to create a new app in minutes using the git-based workflow. Features offered by OpenShift, like the powerful command-line and web-based interfaces to control apps, and modify settings and deployments will be covered.

General outline for this talk:

  • What is OpenShift and a PaaS
  • Some benefits of using PaaS vs self-hosting or using a cloud-based deployment
  • Using git effectively to work with OpenShift
  • How to maintain a development repo and a production repo
  • How to revert the deployment to an update gone wrong
  • Separating the database from the app
  • Using your own domain names for your apps
  • Using your own SSL certs for your apps
  • (Other things I'll think about as we get closer to the conference)

Speaker Info:

Amit Shah is a software engineer at Red Hat. He has over 13 years of experience working on open source projects, primarily Linux and QEMU. He works on KVM virtualization as part of the day job at Red Hat. Amit is also a contributor to the Fedora Project.

Amit is interested in open source technology, and OpenShift is the perfect service that allows him to host websites and apps quickly. His WordPress-based blog at is hosted on OpenShift.

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