Creating RESTful APIs using Django Rest Framework

Dharmit Shah (~dharmit)




In this workshop, I will be going through following topics:

  • Installing django and setting up a django project and app
  • Installing django rest framework to create RESTful APIs
  • Creating the APIs


A laptop on which one has enough free space to install django, django-rest-framework, postgresql. Text editor of your choice!

Content URLs:

Slides indicating the flow of the workshop. Slide titled "Topics to be covered under hands-on" will be the part where hands-on will be performed and workshop attendees will be able to setup RESTful APIs from scratch!

Speaker Info:

I am a Software Engineer working at Aubrgine Solutions. I am responsible for managing mobile application backend. As a part of my job, I design RESTful APIs and deploy them to the cloud in a scalable way. I am also the organizer for Docker Ahmedabad meetup group. I love learning and working on opensource technologies.

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Section: Web Development
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Beginner
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