Creating, deployment & customizing Linux VMs on Azure with Python





I fell in love with Python as soon as I started working on it. It was amazing to see how this simple language can be deployed to automate such complex workloads on Azure.

Through this talk, we will demonstrate the power of Python in deploying, customization and management of Infrastructure on Azure. Python is one of the most preferred language when it comes to Devops automation. However, it is not very well known that it works seamlessly on Azure cloud infrastructure management. Especially, using the Python SDK available on Azure.

The talk will have a demo , code walkthrough and setup, including authorizations. We will create a set of Virtual machines and deploy Chef cookbooks on it by running Python scripts.


The audience will need to know basics of Python and syntax. We will be using Python 3.x for the demos.

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Following is the link to a draft presentation. I need to build the code and demo, but I have added placeholder slides for. The session will be more demo and few slides. I have also added overview of Microsoft Azure based on review feedback.

Following are some references on the web. The blogs give an overview of what I plan to present.

Speaker Info:

Shweta Gupta, is a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft and has been working on Microsoft Azure for more than four years. She works with partners in architecting, optimizing and hands down implementation to adopt Azure. She has a degree in Computer Application and Finance management and has an industry experience of eight years in Financial reporting. She is passionate about technology, and loves to code and explore new technologies.

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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