Creating A Web Server In Python From Scratch





Using my personal experience this summer, I will be going to talk to beginners about how they can create web servers in Python, based on the following concepts:

  • Socket programming
  • How to create a socket based server
  • Handle different http methods and redirect to different paths
  • Handling headers, params and payloads
  • Writing custom response (json, text)

The reason I have proposed this talk is because, believe it or not, not many Python programmers know how to create servers on web browsers without the usage of built in libraries that do all the work for you. More than just coding, it is important to understand networking from an architectural point of view. Hence, my aim is to help Python beginners understand what they are getting into!


A knowledge of basic python is more than enough. This can be achieved by spending 3-4 hours listening to Google's tutorial videos for Python online.

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My name is Nitya Rajendran, a third year Computer Science and Engineering student at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal. I have just recently done an internship with Robustest, where I learned the concepts, architecture, development and implementation of web servers in Python and their applications in the real world.

Section: Network Programming
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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