Cracking the dilemma of using Python 2 or Python 3

Rohit Kumar Rai (~rohitkrai03)




New to python? Wondering if you should start with the future of python, Python 3 or go with the old but still widely used Python 2.

Not new at all, having wrote a bunch of softwares in Python 2? But still wondering if its worth porting your code to Python 3.

Really, what difference does it make? Well, it kind of does.

At the end of this talk you would have a clear answer to this age old question. Some of the things we'll talk about will be : -

  • Why Python 3 came into existence and why was it not made backwards compatible??
  • Differences between Python 2 and 3
    • The Unicode malfunction.
    • Division of Integers.
    • print() was always a function.
    • raw_input() to input().
    • xrange() to range().
    • And a lot more like these.
  • End of life for Python 2.x with Python 2.7.
  • Why it will be good for you and your code to port to Python 3.
  • And finally, some tools which will make your life easier in porting from Python 2 to 3.
    • 2to3 tool.
    • caniusepython3 module
    • modernize and future modules
    • Writing tests compatible with both Python 2 and 3 using coverage.


Perquisites would be : -

  • Basic understanding of Python
  • Or even a some other programming language with a desire to learn Python.

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