Consuming Government Data with Python and D3

Pratap Vardhan (~pratap)




The explosion of open data, especially government data has made it easy for us to see our own governance in a better light.

In this talk, We will analyze and visualize Indian Governance with the help of novel tools that include Python, Pandas and D3.js

At the end of this talk you will be able to,

  1. Identify, read, parse, ETL data
  2. Find patterns, anomalies in data
  3. Integrate d3.js to your python data pipeline
  4. Visualize patterns in a beautiful web/mobile friendly framework

Typical interactive dashboard will have features derived from these three.

In the session, we would discuss, showcase the process and what I've learned from -- scraping data from sources, automating crawler jobs, storing structured data into DB, transforming data using Pandas, extracting features from dataset (Textual features from PM speeches, How Image features were extracted from flags).

And, for demonstration, the intent is to pick a dataset, preferably from, which has scope for exploratory analysis. In the session, we would transform, create data views using Pandas, spot patterns, and build an interactive dashboard in d3, by integrating it into the Python data pipeline.


  1. You are interested in either of Data, Governance, Analytics and Visualization.
  2. Python, Pandas, IPython installed on your system, if you want to play along.

Speaker Info:

Pratap Vardhan is a Data Scientist at, a Data Analytics and Visualization company.

Pratap has a B.Tech from NIT, Bhopal. He previously worked with Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Institute of Science and Thomson Reuters in the fields related to Computer Vision, HCI, Data Mining and Social Networks.

Speaker Links:


  1. Data Visualization: Finding Pictures in Numbers at ISI-CODATA International Training Workshop on Big Data, 2015
  2. Exploratory Analysis of Indian Election Data at Open Data Camp-2014, ISB
  3. Analysis on Maharashtra State Elections-2014 written/covered in News Media

You can reach me at GitHub and Twitter

Section: Data Visualization and Analytics
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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