Building management frameworks for distributed systems using Python and SaltStack.





Deploying and managing distributed infrastructure software can be quite a challenging task for any systems administrator. New and complex, open source software systems are being developed in rapid succession. There is, hence, a crying need for simple and intuitive interfaces to mange such systems to make it easier for users and administrators that allow them to stay on top of such complex deployments.

We will present our experiences in building one such unified management framework to manage a distributed file system based product infrastructure using Python and SaltStack. The talk will include our rationale behind choosing SaltStack and what it took to integrate its usage into our administration framework, resulting in a very simple interface to manage complex infrastructure.


Knowledge of basic Linux based system administration and file systems concepts.

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Ramaseshan and Ram work at Fractalio Data building easy to use, scalable data storage solutions.

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Section: Infrastructure
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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