Building flexible filesystems with FUSE-Python





FUSE is a powerful library to implement a fully functional filesystem via userspace programs. FUSE-Python makes it easier to implement and prototype new filesystem ideas in Python.

In this talk, we'll see:

  • What's FUSE?
  • FUSE API overview
  • Directory operations
  • Reading files
  • Develop a toy filesystem

The intended takeaway from this talk would be a much better understanding of what happens behind the scenes when a file is requested from the disk and how one can think beyond traditional ways of storing data.


  • A laptop running GNU/Linux
  • Basic understanding of Linux style filesystems.

Content URLs:


FUSE Python reference:

Toy filesystem:

Slides for the talk:

Speaker Info:

Anurag works with Red Hat at their Pune office. He's a part of Subscription Engineering group and loves to play with APIs.

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Section: Infrastructure
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Please add the real life use-cases, how FUSE helps writing file systems in few lines of code..may be accessing social content on filesystem as a usecase in addition to toyfs !

Also describe your intended audience !


Piyush (~piykumar)
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Can we use this python language in the real life object and what another program we can make it for the get some effective program euchre free . Please give some intro about this amazing concept.


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