Build Self Driving Vehicles using only Python!





This talk is a starters guide to building self driving cars, robots, even drones! It gives the listeners all the software tools to start building their very own Self-Driving Vehicle. All the concepts outlined in this talk can be used independently of each other to obtain a certain degree of semi-automation. The tools it uses are all open-source and one can start their projects using minimal amount of code. I am going to talk about the theory behind, and it's implementation in Python. Mainly the following tools will be used :

  • Robot Operating System
  • OpenCV

The main concepts that are going to be taught are :

  • Obstacle Avoidance using Computer Vision (Stereo Cameras)
  • Obstacle Avoidance using Lasers
  • Path Planning Algorithms
  • SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping)
  • Control Theory

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  • Bash Commands
  • Basic Python
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Enthusiasm

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A Basic Content Summary and a run-down of topics to be covered can be found here :

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Speaker Info:

Arush Kakkar is an undergraduate student at Delhi Technological University, with research interest in Computer Vision and Robotics. He has worked on navigation problems involving drones and vehicles in both corporate research and academic research, the latest stint being as a visiting researcher at TU Graz, Austria. He is a technical reviewer at a major technical publishing house and working on his own book on Robotics and Computer Vision. He is also a part of the solar car Team of DTU, Solaris, incharge of designing a telemetry and vehicle diagnostic system for the optimum functioning of the solar car. His work on both the hardware and software side of things has led him to deeply understand their relationship and hence conditions for their optimum functioning together.

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