Behavior-driven development | Web Testing automation

Shekhar (~shon)




Many of us work for startups. And as the web application grow testing becomes more and more complex. Increasing scope of missing cases in manual testing. And many of us busy shipping and coding do not pay much attention to developing end to end tests.

Using some great Python libraries and BDD techniques, developing web automation testing can be great fun.

This talk/workshop aims to introduce Behavior driven development testing.

Introduction to The Gherkin language.

Benefits of Gherkin such as manager contributing to writing test cases.

As we understand BDD Testing and Gherkin, we need to find the python implementations.

Meet Behave. Among the most implementation of BDD for Python.

Give that majority of us are working on web projects, we shall explore automating some web test cases. We will primarily use Splinter.

As we know the concepts and the tools now we shall dig further topics

  • manipulating DOM of live pages in Python
  • executing javascript
    • Javascript of a live page in Python shell where you execute javascript and capture results, how cool is that?
  • Cross browser testing


  • Python knowledge
  • Basic understanding of Web technologies

Speaker Info:

Shekhar <3 building products using open source technologies especially Python. Lately flirting with building web UIs with HTML5 Javascript CSS.

He is currently helping building digital daily.

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He maintains few open source project and contributes other projects as much as he can.

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  • Python wrapper for Digital Ocean API V2:
  • Python HTTP agent parser:
  • Python HTML generation library:

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