Automating your infrastructure and deployments with Fabric

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In my experience as a Full-Stack and DevOps Engineer, I have seen plenty of startups configure and deploy their applications manually. Most of those startups are not aware of Automated deployments (Or not aware of DRY principles for that matter). It is a time-consuming and error-prone process. And that madness has to stop. This workshop is focussed on solving that problem.

We will be using a python library called Fabric. Fabric is not only for python, you can use it for Node / PHP or virtually any other language. For the demonstration, I will try a deploy a fairly complex polyglot application built with both Python and Node. This is going to be a beginner to intermediate level worksop. At the end of the worksop, you will be able to automate your infrastructure and deployment. Be as much DRY as possible.


  • Intro
  • Why automate?
  • Why Fabric?
  • Basics for Fabric
  • Beyond Basics
  • Deploying an application [Automated Deployment]
  • Automating your infrastructure [no hands-on workshop, only guidelines and tips because we are limited by connectivity and resources]
  • Wrap up & Questions


  • Have Vagrant (or at-least VirtualBox or something similar) installed with Ubuntu (14.04 server LTS recommend).
  • If you plan on using Vagrant, please use this vagrant box.
  • A python environment with Fabric installed.
  • A bit of experience with AWS / Google Cloud / Azure would be really helpful.

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For the demonstration purpose, We will deploy IRCMan (Built with python and node) which has a fairly complex architecture similar to that of this architecture

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I am a Full-Stack and DevOps Engineer. I also build mobile (Native iOS and Android) apps. So build scalable and maintainable stuff for web, mobile and desktop. A GitHub addict. An open-source enthusiast. Vim fanatic.

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I go by the name dhilipsiva online.

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