An introduction to Computer Vision using OpenCV-Python

Shrenik M (~Specas)




Computer Vision is the process of extracting relevant information from an image or a set of images. Humans have the capability to see and interpret the environment around them. Computer Vision aims to impart a similar capability to machines, wherein they are able to take in data from the outside world and perform tasks accordingly. The data that they acquire is essentially a set of image frames from the camera. Computer Vision makes use of algorithms to work on these images, and interpret them as needed.

Computer Vision is a powerful tool, with which we can create applications for gesture and facial recognition, OCR, and also extend this to give vision to robots.

The most popular library that is used for Computer Vision is the openCV library. OpenCV also has python bindings that make use of python's 'numpy' module to implement its functions.

The talk would be focussed on giving a basic understanding on how we can use the openCV-python library to implement basic computer vision and image processing algorithms.

Some of the topics that would be covered in the talk are :

  • An introduction to Computer Vision.
  • A general idea on how image processing algorithms work on the images stored on the computer.
  • Image processing algorithms for blurring, finding edges, bitwise operations, corner and feature detection, etc.
  • Computer vision algorithms to find contours of some object and to track objects of some specific color.

We shall see how we can make simple and elegant applications that demonstrate these algorithms.

To conclude, this talk is for those who are interested or want to start off with computer vision and image processing using python.


  • Knowledge of basic python syntax
  • Basic knowledge on how images are stored and processed would be helpful, but not necessary.

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I am a second year student of BMS College of Engineering, currently pursuing my undergraduate degree (BTech). I have been coding for 5 years now and I take a deep interest in competitive programming and python.

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