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The Python ecosystem is awesome. We have great tools and wonderful community that encourages people to learn and take pride in being a pythonista. Yet there are these small little questions that appears to be trivial but tend to create whole lot of confusion among beginners.

Through this talk , I like to revisit some of these questions which everyone should be aware of.

We look at questions such as..

  • what is Python ? Is it a language or a reference? Is there just one form of Python?
  • [Statically typed languages, Dynamically typed languages, Strongly typed languages ] => where does python fit in ?
  • Is python a compiled language or an interpreted language?
  • What is this Global interpreter lock everyone is speaking about?

Other than discussing these questions, we will also do some python bytecode hacking and look at some really cool stuff under the hood.


  • Interest to learn some under the hood awesomeness in Python.
  • This is a beginners talk with some good humor thrown around to make the content interesting. So one doesn't need to know regex to understand this talk, an open mind is the only thing that I hope for.

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I have already given a variant of this talk at Chennai Python User Group . The slides can be found here

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Krishna Sangeeth , ahem myself is a software engineer at one of the IT companies in Chennai. He works mostly in hadoop ecosystem these days using technologies such as spark, impala etc.

On his short career at IT he had the [HTML_REMOVED]bad[HTML_REMOVED] luck of working in technologies ranging from Fortran 77, Mainframes to Bigdata technologies which on introspection makes him open to continuous learning. Among all the preachy things he often quotes, he sort of believe in the statement that

A good programmer is always language agnostic and it's the solution that counts more than the tool.

So he considers himself to be on a journey to become a good one . And Python is something that he can't resist to put in his backpack for the journey.

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